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12th June, World Day Against Child-Labour (Anti Child-Labour Day).

Anti Child-Labour Day
* The Word day Against Child-Labour Day Which is held every year On June 12 .
* The International Labour Organization (ILO) Launched the world day against child labour in 2002.
* Do you know , 150 million children are still in child labour around the world and in India too.                   Child labour occurs in almost every sector like  Agriculture, Construction, Industries, work for small shops...Etc. 
* Child labour is like exploitation of children through any form of work but sometimes they do with own decision for their problems . They are hopeless to do that.        But our responsibility to don't do them to do and as much we  help them . Everyone Child have their own freedom to live their childhood and be educated and successful good man for educate society. * And also Government do their best to stop child labour for making strict rule against it and every possible steps should be taken in various country around the world and also in india. * Every year on 12…
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8th June, World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day 
First time the World Ocean Day is allounced by the Canada's International Centre for Ocean Development .
But World Ocean Day is officially recognised by United Nations in 2008. And then this international day is supported and adopted across the World.                               Every year this day is celebrated as  World Ocean Day in different countries around the World.                             

Benefits of Ocean .Do you know world's 3/4 part is covered by Ocean. And 97% of water of world in Ocean. 
Ocean produce 1/2 of the Oxygen in Atmosphere, which is necessary for human life.
Ocean control heat and weather of Earth from sun's rays, it observe heat .
Ocean observe Carbon dioxide (CO2) which produce by human for their comforts and create Global warming which is harmful for Climate. And Ocean Protect from it.                                                                 Also it affects the Water cycle, like without weather Raining.

Human enjoying in Ocea…

5th June, World Environment Day

World Environment DayWorld Environment Day is celebrating in more than 143 countries such as United States, New Zealand, India, Spain.... etc.
World Environment Day was established by United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) in 1972. But it was first time held or celebrated in 1974 (after two years of establishment).
After that day 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day and spread all around the world.

World Environment Day Reasons:
For the Development of human life, Environmental issues become major problem like  :-
:  Deformation for house and land. :  Marine pollution. :  Wildlife crime . :  Human overpopulation. :  Global warming.
Protection:What we can do and protect our environment; :  Less use of plastic. :  forestation or forestry, save animals. :  More Tree planting.
:  Less use of sustainable Resources like petrol , diesel and water ..... Because they are limited and  more use cause  Global warming.
:  Decrease population. :  Don't waste Water. Protect your Environment SupportsPeople…

4th June, International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Agression.

IntroductionIn 1982, when Lebanon war took place. In that war several children were killed in that time. Around the world the situation of children were very critical and they are exploitated by mentally, physically and emosnally. Dicision
In that time, the United Nations think and take a decision about children in 19 August 1982.  And 4th June as a international Day of Innocent Children Victims of Agression.  UN committed that this day is remarkable to protect the children across the world.
In that time, the Nelson Mandela, Graca Machele and several organisations mill the Global Movement. And their slogan was " say yes to children".                                                Almost 10 crores Peoples support them . Sand the message to protect the children.

Every year in 4th June celebrated as International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Agression. And aware the people save the children across the world.

3rd June, World Bicycle Day .

World Bicycle Day 
In April 2018, The United National General Assembly decelered June 3rd as #World_Bicycle_Day.

The bicycle is the symbol of human progress and tolerance, mutual Understanding and respect, social influence and a culture of peace.                                         A bicycle is the simple, affordable and reliable vehicle. It is fit for sustainable means of transport.    It also helps to reduce the pollution and keeps clean the environment.
Now these days,  World Bicycle Day is related to promoting a healthy lifestyle for specially those who have Type 1 and Type 2  Diabetes.
 In this day, we all aware to use the Bicycle and clean the environment. 
                                    *   The inventor of Bicycle is K Macmillan in Scotland 1839.

                                           Thank you.
In hindi language
साइकिल मानव प्रगति और सहिष्णुता, आपसी समझ और सम्मान, सामाजिक प्रभाव और शांति …